About Us

NKCollections purpose is to bring beauty, artistry, elegance and fashion into the lives of patrons throughout the globe.  At the center of the budding enterprise, is the dedication to creating timeless pieces to adorn the body and inspire the mind.  Alluring design aesthetics delightfully encompass the collection with rich colors, beset with genuine gemstones framed by the delicate details of uniquely crafted sterling silver and 14k gold filled jewelry.  Transcending time and trends, the collection features an array of abiding pieces worth adoring for years to come.  The inherent quest of the collection is to exceed the latest craze of fickle fashion for lasting looks that are sure to become keepsakes and collectables.   Inspired by nature, architecture, iconic imagery, and the classics, the jewelry featured is sure to satisfy any preference.

Natalie Kristy Gruhne descends from a long line of both jewelers and artists alike.  On her mothers side, four generations of diamond setters and jewelers grace her family. Masters of their craft, they have fostered successful careers in the prestigious diamond district of New York City.  Comparable, her fathers lineage is rich with professional painters, sculptures and artisans, whose work can still be admired in the New York City landscape. Craftsmanship and creativity are innately hers, driving her dream and aspiration of becoming a successful artist and designer. Natalie's passion for the arts, and inspiration from her accomplished family, is the driving force behind her creation of NKCollections.

Natalie Kristy has nurtured her artistic abilities throughout her academic career, and has gained knowledge and technical expertise in painting, sculpting, and handcrafted jewelry.  In 2008 Natalie received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from New York University, with a concentration in painting and sculpting.  Her sculptural inclinations lead her to a career in handcrafted jewelry design, where she has found herself following in the footsteps of her household predecessors.  Her vision and talents are now available to the public, with the hopes that they may bring as much joy to others as they have to her.  Natalie is also available for artistic commision.  Contact Natalie for artistic inqueries and more information.