What materials are used to make the Jewelry? 

All jewelry is made with your choice of metal, sterling silver or 14k gold filled.  All the stones adorning the jewelry are genuine, precious and semiprecious gemstones, fresh water pearls, and wood.   Custom orders for karat yellow and rose gold are available upon request, and prices vary.  14k rose gold filled is also available upon request.

What is 14k gold filled?

Gold filled is the product of pressure bonding a thick layer of karat gold to a base metal, such as brass.  In the USA the term gold filled is restricted by the Federal Trade Commission to the description of products in which a layer of gold alloy of 10k or higher is mechanically bonded to all significant surfaces of a reinforcing material. The karat gold must comprise of at least 1/20th by weight of the total metal content of the product being described.  

What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated? 

Unlike gold filled, gold plated will wear off over time, revealing the base metal or changing color.  Gold plating is the method of electrochemically depositing a thin wash of gold onto a base metal, and does not offer the longevity of brilliance and outer layer of karat gold that gold filled jewelry does. 

Can I request special metals or stones on a custom piece that is not currently offered? 

Yes!  Use Contact Form to place your custom order and request your special materials.  Prices will be discussed with you according to your specialized needs. 

What is Handcrafted Jewelry?

Handcrafted is a general term which is used to describe jewelry that is made skillfully by hand, using handheld tools, rather than mass produced, assembly line jewelry.  NKCollections offers jewelry that is completely handcrafted.  All shapes, ear wires, and clasps are hand shaped from spools of sterling silver or 14k Gold wire, to create a final piece worth cherishing and wearing for years to come.  

What if my jewelry gets damaged? 

No worries!  Just send the damage item back for a free repair, minus shipping cost.  I guarantee the jewelry for life.  I take care in utilizing the best materials, coupled with perfection in craftsmanship, to ensure that the product is sturdy, as well as beautiful.  However, some gemstones can be fragile.  In the event that a gemstone should brake, we will replace it, free of cost, minus shipping cost.   Simply send jewelry back to the return address on your envelope/package. 

Feel free to Contact me with any further questions!