Jewelry Care

All jewelry is made from sterling silver or 14k gold filled upon request.  To ensure the longevity, luster and beauty of the metals and gemstones on your jewelry, all pieces should be stored away from the elements in a jewelry box, in separate compartments, to minimize tangling.  Keeping jewelry out of chlorinated water is a must! Chlorine and other harsh chemicals may damage the finish of stones and metals.

Sterling Silver/14k gold filled  can be cleaned by gently rubbing jewelry with a polishing cloth or by dunking jewelry in a commercial silver and/or gold cleaner then wiping off, following all labeled instructions of the cleaner chosen.  WARNING: Be careful not to expose the gemstones on your jewelry to any commercial cleaner  for more than a few seconds, as to not damage delicate stones.  I recommend using a commercial cleaner that specifies its safety on porous gemstones. 

Jewelry can also be soaked in a warm water and mild soap solution (the more bubbles the better) until jewelry is clean.   For extra help cleaning with soap and water, gently scrub jewelry with a soft bristle toothbrush.  Rinse thoroughly, and gently pat dry.  Do not soak wood jewelry in water for any extended period, as it might damage the finish of the wood.  

To learn more about sterling silver and 14k gold filled metals please visit the FAQs page on our website.